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Dock Levellers, Dock Plates, Dock Boards…

Most warehouses have loading docks for wagons and trucks to dispense their goods in a safe and timely fashion. The biggest problem to overcome is the gap that is formed between the wagon and warehouse floor when unloading. As all trucks and wagons come in various heights there can be a number of devices implemented to overcome these issues such as:

  • Dock Plates – (Portable – Not fixed)
  • Dock Boards – (Portable – Not fixed)
  • Dock Levellers – (Fixed to loading dock)

Features and Benefits for different types of Dock Levellers…

  • Light Duty Dock Leveller – Can hold up to 25,000 Pounds and a small forklift. This type of dock leveller is used for load and unload lighter goods. Springs and levers are used to adjust the height.
  • Heavy Duty Dock Leveller – Capability of holding up to 50,000 pounds. Can be designed in many different sizes and models to suit the customers needs.
  • Edge Levellers – This dock leveller is one of the cheapest available and can be used for lighter loads and are shorter than any other dock leveller.

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