Looking for High Speed Doors?

We supply, maintenance & repair Industrial Hi-Speed Industrial Roller Doors across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire & the UK

Designed for FAST, INTENSIVE use…

Our hi speed industrial roller doors are designed for applications where they will receive intensive use. Because of their operating speed, they dramatically reduce your energy costs and draughts, also temperature loss as well as optimising traffic flow.

Helping to reduce ENERGY COSTS and increase PRODUCTIVITY

High Speed Industrial Doors significantly reduce energy costs and create more comfortable working conditions. Productivity is also improved due to drastically reduced operating times.A typical industrial door measuring 4000mm x 4000mm takes about 90 seconds to complete its operating cycle. Typical daily usage will mean that the door is open in excess of three hours per day. Often the aggravation of opening and closing a conventional door means it will be left open all day.

A high speed door operating at 1 metre per second with a paused time in the open position of 10 seconds, would mean that the door would be shut for two and a half hours more per day.

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