As the saying goes ‘the best laid plans of mice and men often goes awry’, this was particular true when it came to one phone call and a sectional door this week.

After finishing a big project it was time to clean the vans and get ready to carry out some servicing of Sectional doors, roller shutters and dock levelers around the Hull Area. With the teams all ready and about to leave, then phone rings  …… ‘ WAIT’ is heard bellowing out from the office ‘there’s been a ram raid at one of our customers!’ The client has sent us a picture of the door. Normally on these occasions it’s the bottom 2 or 3 sectional door panels that are damaged, but in this case you can see the damage was extensive. A team was immediately dispatched to site to thoroughly assess the situation. The report came back that 8 Sectional door panels and all relevant hardware was needed. With all the details another team was sent to the manufacturer to pick up the panels etc, then were off to join the others on site. With the damaged door already down it was just case of getting the new panels assembled with the new hardware, new cables fitted and finally new limits set on the door it was all now complete

With another couple of units nearby still having work carried out, one of which  having the replacement panels arrive just as we left at 16:45 having fully repaired the sectional door in double quick time, leaving our client very happy, assured they are secure once again.

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